Friday Fun Facts #4

1. So the other day I took out the boys’ coloring supplies, which included crayons and markers. I went to clean the kitchen and when I came back Isaac had blue hair.

2. This past weekend as the stomach bug hit my family one by one, at the end of it I wished I would get the stomach bug so I could lay in bed for 2 days. Is that bad? Surely, I’m not the only mom to think this before!

3. Timmy likes to eat the entire strawberry including the green tops. More fiber, I guess!

4. When I asked Noah what he learned at church he said, “Our God is an amazing God!”

5. Peeling paper off of broken crayons can entertain toddlers for over half an hour… but does make quite a mess. Hopefully, I’ll have a post about recycled crayons soon.

boyscrayon  (There they are peeling away at broken crayons.)


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