Friday Fun Facts #22

I know, it’s Saturday. My Internet was having issues yesterday. So, Friday Fun facts is featured on Saturday.

1. This week I went dumpster diving for the first time. That is something I truly never expected to do, but I was on the hunt for my boys beloved mugs from Belize. They had used them to drink a green juice in, and instead of putting the mugs in the sink, Isaac threw 2 mugs in the trash. Keep in mind, he is only 2 years old and sometimes gets confused that food scraps go in the trash and dishes go in the sink. Sadly, it wasn’t until I had dug through the entire trash bag in the house, that I realized the mugs were in the trash bag I had taken outside to the big trash can (so not really a dumpster, but still gross) the night before. I am happy to report that the mugs are saved, but one has a broken handle. I’m never doing that again.

2. Right now, I want to eat ALL the bread like items I can find. Any kind of bread like substances will do: garlic bread, pasta, sourdough bread, tortillas, pita bread… and it hasn’t even been one week yet. Pray for me, y’all.

3. This past Sunday I was on TV!… For like, 2 minutes, but it was fun. I’m part of the Corpus Christi Moms Blog, and they did a segment on it. If you’re a mom, you’ll definitely want to go and check out what moms are writing about on CCMB. It’s great for connection, and knowing you’re not alone in this thing called #momlife.


4. I’m currently doing some research on gardening, because I want to start a garden this spring. I’m kinda at a loss where to start because it’s been years since I gardened. Right now, I’m starting with herbs and onions. Check out this cute little broccoli I found at the local nursery I was visiting.


Does anyone have any gardening tips? I need some fool proof produce!


Friday Fun Facts #21

1. January was all about simplifying my home. February is going to be about simplifying my food choices. Be prepared for recipes, rants about sugar cravings, and raging headaches due to lack of caffeine.

2. Speaking of caffeine, our electric coffee grinder broke the other day and I was desperate for some coffee. One of my sisters had given me an antique manual coffee grinder as a bridesmaid gift, and we really weren’t expect it to work. Well, I dusted that puppy off and figured out how to grind coffee with it! It was a great accomplishment. Plus, look how cool it will look on the counter? And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like things on her kitchen counters.


3. The weather here has been gorgeous lately. We’ve been spending lots of time outside, and my boys love to pick ALL the flowers they can find. They are so sweet and picked flowers for me, their dad, baby Sarah, Nana, Pops, Grandma, Grandpa, and the mailman.

4. This past Saturday I did yoga for the first time in years. I used to think that yoga was this easy peesy workout… Y’all, the next day there were muscles hurting that I didn’t even know I had. If you wanna get ripped, go to yoga.

5. Speaking of yoga, have you ever tried using essential oils along with your routine? I wanted to be able to come with a clear mind, and not be worrying about the stresses of life. I rolled doTERRA InTune on my wrists and it really helped to keep me grounded.


Friday Fun Facts #20

1. I’m 30 years old, and trying to figure out  how to use SnapChat. God help us. Follow me (Is that even the right jargon? Do you “follow” someone on SnapChat?! I have no clue) @amandamgerber. And help me out, y’all! My boys do enjoy taking “funny pictures” with me using the filters… So there’s that.

2. If you want to be slightly more entertained on social media, you can follow me on Instagram @amandamgerber . I am better at Instagram, and a buddy just showed me how to use the Story part of it (thanks, Ray!). You should follow him too @ray.garza_cc His content is solid and encouraging!

3. Y’all know we recently moved, right? Do you know what we have in our neighborhood? Sidewalks! Glorious, spacious sidewalks where you can take your kids walking with your mom’s dog and not have to worry about a car hitting you. It’s the little things.


4. I am up at 11:00 o’clock at night on a Friday night doing laundry. I’m living the dream. When you have 4 kids, there is no “laundry day.” The whole week is laundry week, but it all just piles in one massive pile that your forced to eventually fold. I literally had to put some doTERRA Motivate oil on my wrists to get folding. I’m currently 3 loads in, and I’m close to the finish line!


5. Lately I have been feeling blissfully thankful… like strangely so. I’m content with where I am at in life, but I’m still working towards a bigger dream, enjoying the process. I was so overwhelmed the other night. It was on Sunday night during the Cowboys game (I know, fellow Texans. We should be done grieving by now. #gocowboys), and I was cooking. Nathan was on the couch, tickling Sarah. The boys were lined up next to them on the couch, giggling. It was such a sweet moment I fought the urge to search for my phone because I didn’t want to miss it. Those smiles and giggles just brought me to tears, y’all. I am loving this newfound sense of gratitude.

Try it. Be thankful for the little things. What “little” thing are you thankful for today?

Friday Fun Facts #19

1. Who knew Christmas time brought on show much family cuteness? I am loving watching my kids perform in their little Christmas plays and sing Christmas songs at home. Timothy had his performance last night, and he was a hoot! This guy is normally a bit reserved when he is in the spotlight, but he sang SO well and so loud the whole audience could hear. I found out later he was bribed with a popsicle. Apparently, they were told that if they sang really loud they would all get popsicles! Now I know what my most effective parenting strategy will be: bribery.

2. We finally got our first real cold front here in Corpus Christi, Texas. You know, that first front when you’re forced to turn on the heater and wear fuzzy socks that usually just take up space in your sock drawer. Apparently, it’s also when you discover all your boys’ pants are high watered on them. We know what they will all be getting for Christmas!

3. I am also pretty excited that it is now officially “beanie weather,” AKA: I-don’t-need-to-worry about-my-hair-weather. I’m attempting to grow it out, and it’s at that awkward length where I would normally cut it, but now I’m really trying to grow it out and currently can’t stand it. So hopefully this cold front will keep up for a few weeks, and I can feel better about my life.

4. Today I went on an oil run to a friend in need of OnGuard for a sore throat (Again, thank you, cold front). She told me she was at work at a new establishment called Raw Bar. This is my new favorite place. There’s fresh juices, smoothies, power bowls and homemade pestos. It’s so good and provides space for working and studying too! If you’re in the area, you’ve got to try it out!


5. Thanks for all of you readers who have shared the love this past week, as I’ve been blogging again! Your thoughts and love are appreciated!

Friday Fun Facts #18


1. Well, it’s official. My blog is officially doTERRA Certified. What does this mean for you? It means I can be a little more direct when talking about essential oils, it means I can better serve and direct you when you have questions about essential oils, and it means (hopefully!) you’ll be seeing more blogs on essential oils and how my family uses them.


2. It’s hard, y’all. It’s hard to find time to write and express myself while raising 4 kids and running a business. This blog hasn’t been a priority for me, but I felt a sense of urgency that I need to keep this up… So, alas, I’m making another attempt. (I know, I’m beginning to sound like the boy who cried wolf).

3. On another note, my baby girl is almost 6 months old. How the heck did that happen? I just want to hold her, and squish her, and keep her little, but she’s already wanting to be on her own and rolling around and playing with toys. I’m so not ready for this.

4. Don’t even get me started on my oldest child. He keeps coming home with notes from girls, and a plastic ring, and a book… and a painted rock. He’s already committed to marrying the gal in his ripe old age of 5.

5. Since we’re talking about growing up and getting older, I should mention the fun fact that I turned 30 about a couple weeks ago. I am now as close to 40 years old as I am to 20 years old. I can’t even.


Friday Fun Facts #17

1. My husband and I have officially labeled Fridays as my work days, so hopefully you’ll start hearing more of me! I have from 8:30am-4:30pm to get all the work done that my heart desires at local coffee shops and restaurants. This is every work at home mom’s dream! Of course, our baby girl is still nursing so I come back about every 3 hours to nurse her. So, I guess the day isn’t completely kid-free, and realistically speaking this usually eats up about 2 hours of the day… But, it still gets me out of the house and around other adults, so who cares?

2. My son, Noah, got his first love note from school this week. Only it’s not a note. It’s an entire love BOOK filled with hearts and starts and words in kindergarten handwriting that says things like “You’re my best boy.” and “BFF.” I am so not ready for this. He wrote her a note back to give her today. And so it begins!


3. We got our first “cool” front in South Texas. Our high is in the 80s. This is a big deal, y’all. It’s been blazin’ hot here lately! Now it actually feels like fall. Speaking of fall….

4. Here’s a cute conversation I had with our 3 year old Tim.

Tim: “Mama, it’s down.”

Me: “What’s down, sweetie?”

Tim (looks around for help): “It’s down… When the leaves change colors.”

Me (lightbulb goes off): “Oh, you mean it’s fall!”

Tim (nodding proudly): “Oh yes, it’s fall.”

5. I’ve been consistently working out for a few weeks now, and I’ve adding a little bit of running jogging to the mix. Y’all… let me tell ya, jogging is not as much fun as it used to be. I used to jog for fun, it was my first choice for any sort of physical activity. Now, I just feel like I’m walking with a hop and dragging my body along with me. Ha! But, even if it’s not fun I’m putting my health first. We’ll see how this progresses. Any workout tips for this mom of 4?


Friday Fun Facts #15

1. Last Friday, Isaac walked for the first time. Of course, he walked to my dad. He also laughed for the first time to my dad too when he was a baby. I guess it’s no secret who his favorite is! (I took this picture right after he walked!)

day isaac walked 9 18

2. My workout routine in August was wishy washy at best. I’m happy to report that I’ve been hitting my goal of working out 4 days a week this month. So much for relaxin’ during naptime! Timmy has naptime routine down. He knows I sing him a song, then he asks, “One minute?” (which means he wants to cuddle for one minute), and then he says, “Mama go exercise?”


3. Noah has been fighting this respiratory yucky stuff all week (thanks, Red Tide). The past 3 nights he has asked, “Mama, can you put the Efuser in my room?” Translation: Diffuser. I love that my boys love essential oils as much as I do! But now I need to get another diffuser!

4. I had a mean craving for some chicken and rice soup the other day, and sadly no chicken to put in the soup. I sent my sister a text telling her about my “crisis” and she sends me this in return, “You have multiple chickens to choose from in your yard!” Not cool, Rachel. Not cool.

5. It’s official. I have unknowingly taught all my boys to do a happy food dance. I caught Isaac doing a happy food dance when he ate a pancake a few weeks ago. I gave him some pineapple the other day and he just about danced outta his high chair! The little dude can do some serious damage to a pineapple.

Friday Fun Facts #14

1. Noah informed me he wants a sister. I tried to tell him we don’t have the best track record at producing girls. LoL

2. The boys favorite activity right now is jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on top, pouring down. Who needs a water park?


3. Target has obnoxiously large shopping carts for crazy parents with multiple toddlers like us. Thank you, Target.

(Every store should have these!)

4. You probably don’t want to know this, but I’m having a proud parent moment so I’m sharing. Timothy pooped in the potty. That, dear readers, is a huge win in this house.

5. While we’re on the topic, it’s gotten to the point in potty training where when I step in a random puddle in the house (with 3 boys, this is an everyday occurrence) it can be any 1 of these 3 options: Isaac’s drool, water that spilt from the sippy cups that are labeled “spill proof” (so not true, people), or it could mean Timmy had an accident. I stepped in a puddle the other which was sadly, too big to be a drool puddle, and a sippy cup was nowhere in sight. Fun times.

Friday Fun Facts #13

1. It has been a not so fun week in the Gerber household, filled with stomach bugs, fevers, and endless sippy cup refills of (ice, please mommy!) water. So bear with me as I try REALLY hard to come up with something slightly humorous.

2. Isaac, our 1 year old, is the only child not battling this bug. This is a good thing, but he only sees it as his mama holding his other brothers more than him right now. I never thought I would see him throw a fit, but oh did he ever. Y’all, I thought something was wrong with him. Literally screaming and flailing his arms and legs around on the floor. I picked him up, he smiled (it was then I realized what had just happened), and then we had a little talk.

3. This has really been my week, so I’m finding it really hard to come up with something witty and funny. Oh here’s one:

4. Kids should not be allowed to have fake bugs. My boys have one that clips on to a shirt that my parents got them from a state park. They love it, and it’s a cute shirt, but then they leave that bug laying (Laying? Lying? Someone please help me out here!) around. So I’m just minding my own business, picking up cars and putting them in their coordinating baskets, when I see that bug and flip out and try to kill it. The bug won because it keeps coming back and taunting me.

5. So, Noah who hasn’t really eaten much all day, planned out his entire cake for his next birthday. In March, y’all. For those interested, he wants a green cake with his name on it. “Mom, that’s N-o-a-h.” Thanks sweetie. He also wants cupcakes too, with sprinkles.