Essential Oils Basics: doTERRA’s Healthy Home Kit

Ok, friends, I’m gonna keep going and share about another doTERRA enrollment kit. Last week, I told you all about doTERRA’s Healthy Start Kit, and today I’m going to move on to the Healthy Home Kit. 

The Healthy Home Kit comes with the SAME 10 essential oils and diffuser as the Healthy Start Kit, so I won’t be diving into those oils. Just click HERE if you’d like an overview of the 10 basic essential oils. The oils in the Healthy Home Kit are 3 times bigger, however, than the oils in the Healthy Start Kit. Most of this post will be focusing on the other products that come in the kit as well. Here we go!

10 Essential Oils: Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, OnGuard (Protective Blend), Breathe (Respiratory Blend), Deep Blue (Soothing Blend), DigestZen (Digestive Blend), Frankincense and Oregano. These 10 oils will be able to address the majority of your family’s health needs. Remember, you can get the recap of the oils HERE.

OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash (with Dispensers): We love this hand wash, y’all. It has all the benefits of OnGuard essential oil, in a hand wash. Many store bought hand soaps have harsh chemicals that make it antibacterial, and this soap is a much more natural and gentle approach to keeping hands fresh and clean.

OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate: This bottle will last you a long time. All you need is two tablespoons mixed with water and you’ve got a natural cleaner for your entire home. You can also use some of this cleaner to clean your dishes, and it helps to remove stains from your clothes as well.

OnGuard Sanitizing Mist: I mean, who doesn’t want an extra hand sanitizer right now? We’ve got one in each of our vehicles and in each of our work offices. 

OnGuard Toothpaste: You guys, I’ve been using this toothpaste for YEARS and it has done wonders for my teeth. I hadn’t seen a dentist for years (and last time had been told I needed cavities filled), and once I went back he told me, “Whatever you’re doing to take care of your teeth, keep doing it. They look great” So that’s what I plan to do.

Salon Essentials Protecting Shampoo & Smoothing Conditioner: doTERRA’s hair care products are made with their essential oils and botanical ingredients designed to keep your hair clean and healthy. It’s safe for color treated hair, too!

Brevi Diffuser: This petite diffuser has a 2, 5, or 10 hour setting. It’s a gorgeous addition to any room, but ideal for a smaller space like a bedroom or office. If you have kiddos, it has a light which comes in handy for a night light when diffusing at night. 

This Healthy Home Kit is great if you wanted a bigger kit that goes beyond just the basics. This kit will give your family a nice jumpstart to transforming your home. I love how it includes the 10 foundational oils for your home, and the beginning of natural home care product for your family. Start today by clicking HERE, and you’ll receive a welcome gift from me! The link should be directed to my personal doTERRA site, but in case you need my Wellness Advocate number, it’s 603165. Thanks for your support!