Friday Fun Facts #20

1. I’m 30 years old, and trying to figure out  how to use SnapChat. God help us. Follow me (Is that even the right jargon? Do you “follow” someone on SnapChat?! I have no clue) @amandamgerber. And help me out, y’all! My boys do enjoy taking “funny pictures” with me using the filters… So there’s that.

2. If you want to be slightly more entertained on social media, you can follow me on Instagram @amandamgerber . I am better at Instagram, and a buddy just showed me how to use the Story part of it (thanks, Ray!). You should follow him too @ray.garza_cc His content is solid and encouraging!

3. Y’all know we recently moved, right? Do you know what we have in our neighborhood? Sidewalks! Glorious, spacious sidewalks where you can take your kids walking with your mom’s dog and not have to worry about a car hitting you. It’s the little things.


4. I am up at 11:00 o’clock at night on a Friday night doing laundry. I’m living the dream. When you have 4 kids, there is no “laundry day.” The whole week is laundry week, but it all just piles in one massive pile that your forced to eventually fold. I literally had to put some doTERRA Motivate oil on my wrists to get folding. I’m currently 3 loads in, and I’m close to the finish line!


5. Lately I have been feeling blissfully thankful… like strangely so. I’m content with where I am at in life, but I’m still working towards a bigger dream, enjoying the process. I was so overwhelmed the other night. It was on Sunday night during the Cowboys game (I know, fellow Texans. We should be done grieving by now. #gocowboys), and I was cooking. Nathan was on the couch, tickling Sarah. The boys were lined up next to them on the couch, giggling. It was such a sweet moment I fought the urge to search for my phone because I didn’t want to miss it. Those smiles and giggles just brought me to tears, y’all. I am loving this newfound sense of gratitude.

Try it. Be thankful for the little things. What “little” thing are you thankful for today?