September doTERRA Promos

It’s fall, y’all! Somehow summer is gone, and fall is upon us. doTERRA has some amazing specials going on this month that can help support your family’s health. Check them out!

Product of the Month (POM): Did you know that doTERRA offers a FREE Product of the Month, every single month? All you have to do is place a qualifying Loyalty Rewards order, and this product will automatically be added to your cart. No promo code needed.

This month only you can get a bottle of doTERRA’s Lime essential oil for free with your LRP. This is an essential oil I keep in my kitchen right by my sink. I love using 1 drop of Lime essential oil in my sparkling water every day. We also use it a lot to cook with, especially when I make cilantro lime rice and guacamole. I also use it to clean my kitchen counters, sink, and table. Just add a couple of drops to a spray bottle with water, and get ready to clean while uplifting the mood in your home.

Lime has a million uses outside the kitchen as well! It’s great to add to your diffuser with doTERRA’s Breathe (Respiratory Blend) to help support a healthy respiratory system. You can also diffuse this oil in the morning with Peppermint to help wake up your home and keep you alert during your morning routine.

Highlighted Product: doTERRA also offers a product at 10% off every month. This month is Cardamom essential oil. I had actually NEVER purchased this essential oil before. Yes, there are still some essential oils I haven’t tried yet! We literally have a doTERRA budget, just like we have a grocery budget to keep. So, sometimes I stick to our basics: Lifelong Vitality Pack, kid’s vitamins, TriEase, etc… BUT I like to try new oils when they go on sale!

Cardamom is AMAZING for respiratory support. My entire order of oils was based on respiratory support, because my kiddos needed some extra support these past couple of weeks. Here is my powerhouse respiratory diffuser blend: 4 drops Breathe, 2 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Lemon, and 2 drops Cardamom. (If your room is a small bedroom, cut this recipe in half. My boys all share a room, and it’s a big room so we use 10 drops in their room). It did wonders for the kiddos!

Cardamom is also great for digestive health. You can use this essential oil topically, internally, and aromatically as well. Give it a try!

Discounted Enrollment Kits: This doesn’t happen every month, so you want to make sure to jump on this sort of deal while you can! During the month of September, doTERRA is offering select enrollment kits at 20% the already discounted price. Here’s a list of the discounted kits!

Bonus from ME!

Just to sweeten the deal, here is what I have to offer when you choose to start your doTERRA journey with me:

  • Welcome gift (personalized roller bottles, recipes, and other oily goodies)
  • Private access to my team’s Facebook group (a wealth of oil knowledge)
  • Free Wellness Consultation (a chance to really dive deep into your health goals)
  • Continued Support (to answer your questions in real time from a real person— ME!)

Simply go to and click “Join & Save” to get started.

Which one of these promos are you taking advantage of this month? Share below in the comments!

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doTERRA BOGO: Lavender & Peppermint

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I am so thankful for the amazing gift of doTERRA essential oils, and for my family… and we have a lot of family at my house right now so I’ll keep this short. Today only if you purchase a bottle of doTERRA Lavender essential oil you will get a free bottle of Peppermint essential oil.

Y’all, these are essentials in any homes. We literally use these two essential oils every single day. They are staples around here. Here is a brief overview.

Lavender: This essential oil is good for all things soothing. You need to soothe you skin? Apply Lavender straight on your area of concern. You need to soothe your emotions? Apply Lavender on your pulse points or diffuse it with some frankincense. Need better sleep? Diffuse Lavender and Cedarwood for a restful nights sleep. We use this oil for everything from bug bites and diaper rash to moody kids and sleepless nights.

Peppermint: This essential oil can be used for so many things. For digestive support I like to drink 1 drop in a hot cup of water and make my own peppermint tea with it. For respiratory support we apply this with some eucalyptus to our chest to open up our airways and clear congestion. In the mornings I pair Peppermint and Wild Orange to wake me up and uplift any grumpy morning moods.

For more information on these BOGOs you can go to my website and make sure to click “Join & Save” to get the most cost effective price and a welcome gift from me! Thank y’all so much for your time and attention. Happy Thanksgiving!

Holy BOGO: Free Wild Orange AND Breathe

Holy BOGO, y’all! Let’s keep it short and sweet. Buy a doTERRA Petal diffuser, and receive Breathe and Wild Orange for free. Can you say awesome?!


Breathe essential oil is formulated to support your body’s respiratory system. Whether you’re struggling with a lingering cough, snoring, or need to open your airways, this is the oil for you. You can use this oil in the diffuser, and I like to use it at night when my kids are dealing with congestion. It really helps them breathe easy during the night.

Wild Orange is an oil I use every day. It’s my “happy oil.” You can’t smell this oil without smiling. It’s an instant mood uplifter. Combine with Breathe or Peppermint in the diffuser for an instant pick me up.

Don’t hesitate! Go to to take advantage of this offer. Two hours left!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I’m simply speaking from experience using these oils for myself and family.