Friday Fun Facts #14

1. Noah informed me he wants a sister. I tried to tell him we don’t have the best track record at producing girls. LoL

2. The boys favorite activity right now is jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on top, pouring down. Who needs a water park?


3. Target has obnoxiously large shopping carts for crazy parents with multiple toddlers like us. Thank you, Target.

(Every store should have these!)

4. You probably don’t want to know this, but I’m having a proud parent moment so I’m sharing. Timothy pooped in the potty. That, dear readers, is a huge win in this house.

5. While we’re on the topic, it’s gotten to the point in potty training where when I step in a random puddle in the house (with 3 boys, this is an everyday occurrence) it can be any 1 of these 3 options: Isaac’s drool, water that spilt from the sippy cups that are labeled “spill proof” (so not true, people), or it could mean Timmy had an accident. I stepped in a puddle the other which was sadly, too big to be a drool puddle, and a sippy cup was nowhere in sight. Fun times.


Potty Training from the Trenches

Potty training. *Wince* *Cringe* *Close my eyes and pretend it’s over* That’s what I really want to do when it comes to potty training, but I can’t really do that. So, here we go. Today I’m hoping just to give you some tips about what has helped with my boys, and offer a little encouragement along the way. I’m right there with you, potty training my second son right now. So, let’s do this!

WARNING: Throughout this post there will be words like “potty” and “poopy.” Deal with it.


1. Every child is different.
By now if you have more than one child, you know this. Consider for a minute though, that if your children are different than chances are they will respond to differently to different methods of potty training (and discipline, for that matter).

Noah, our firstborn, is much like me in that he likes systems and schedules. He likes thing a certain way: THE ONLY WAY. Each toy belongs to its coordinating bin. We have our weekly routine and we should always stick to it. The way I chose to potty train Noah worked great for him: I set a timer for every 20 minutes and he would sit on his little potty (with me right next to him cheering him on) and he got a sticker every time he went (a BIG sticker for a poopy). After about a week I didn’t need a timer anymore, but he still got stickers for one more week. After about 3 weeks he was completely potty trained.

Now, my Timmy, on the other hand is more like his daddy: a free spirit. He doesn’t care which toy is in what bin. He doesn’t care what our schedule is, he just wants to have fun. I tried to potty train him multiple times the same way I did with Noah and I failed miserably every time. Do you know when he decided to potty train? When I was in California! LoL By the time I got back to Texas he would just tell me when he needed to go. He never used a little potty. He never needed stickers or a timer. He just needed his own time and his own way.

2. There may be setbacks.
We both of our boys we had small setbacks. When we were potty training Noah, he had to go to the hospital for a crazy stomach bug. So he was in diapers a couple of days during that time. This past week while Tim was dealing with a stomach bug he was in diapers too. If something like this happens, it’s not the end of the world. They don’t forget how to go in the potty. Just pick up where you left off. Life goes on.

3. It’s not a matter of if accidents will happen, but when they will happen.
Be prepared for accidents. I like to have some underwear and shorts in the diaper bag or car just in case something happens when we are out. I started keeping wipes in various places around the house to easily clean up any messes. I have found that I am much less stressed if I know all this is in place.

4. Grace.
Ok, now this one is a tough one. Potty training comes easily for some kids, not so easily for others. I know it can get frustrating and it’s time consuming. I remember when I was potty training Noah thinking it was easier when he was in diapers. BUT your efforts will pay off. In a short time they will be able to go potty on their own and not need you anymore. They will eventually be able to clean their own bottom. It will happen before kindergarten. So for this short time, remember to have grace for your little one during this learning process. I’m right there with you, cheering you on.

Now when you’re cheering your cute little toddler on, and saying, “You can do this!” just tell yourself the same thing, You can do this!

Ok, fellow parents and grandparents, what potty training tips do you have to share?

Friday Fun Facts #12

1. So, we are potty training Timmy right now. A note of advice: be prepared for accidents. It’s not a matter of if they will happen, but when they will happen.

2. The other day when Nathan went out to feed the chickens, he came back with these eggs. Check out the extra LONG egg!


3. On super busy days, I’ve learned to multitask. Doing my workout and listening to a personal development documentary at the same time. I really like this workout DVD: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30. The personal development DVD is called The Rise of the Entrepreneur by Eric Worre. Good stuff!


4. Today at Lowe’s, we passed by the riding lawnmowers. Noah spotted the John Deere and said, “Nothing runs like a Deere!” (Too bad his Pops drives a Kubota!).

5. I went to the post office this week to mail out essential oil samples with all my boys. We had rules: Listen to mommy and hold hands. Well, I had to let go of the big boys hands while I was paying for the shipping and holding Isaac on my hip. The boys decided it would be appropriate to spin around all in circles and sing “Ring Around the Rosie.” At least the old couple behind us thought it was cute.