doTERRA April Promotions

April showers bring May flowers… or so the saying goes. I think we all know that April showers bring more than May flowers. April showers can also bring itchy/watery eyes, runny noses, and a tickle in the back of your throat. I love that doTERRA took all of this into consideration when they designed their promotions for the month. Check it out y’all!

Product of the Month (POM): Did you know that doTERRA offers a FREE Product of the Month, every single month? All you have to do is place a qualifying Loyalty Rewards order, and this product will automatically be added to your cart. No promo code needed.

This month only you can get a bottle of doTERRA’s Breathe (Respiratory Blend) for free with your LRP. This is a blend we use often in my home. It’s only meant for aromatic or topical use. It’s great to diffuse to clear up congestion and sinuses. I actually have it diffusing in my home right now! I also like to rub a drop on my chest before working out to open up my airways and help me breathe clearly.

Many moms mention to me that their kids need some extra respiratory support. This is always a blend I recommend for that. I love using this blend topically with kids, but I do make sure to dilute with some of doTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil. It’s great to have in a roller bottle when my kids get a cough or stuffy nose, they can easily apply it themselves with my supervision.

Highlighted Product: doTERRA also offers a product at 10% off every month. This month is TriEase Softgels. My husband uses theses softgels regularly in the spring when the pollen blows in or weather changes. It helps to calm any irritation his eyes may get, and helps support a healthy respiratory system.

Bonus from ME!

Just to sweeten the deal, here is what I have to offer when you choose to start your doTERRA journey with me:

  • Welcome gift (personalized roller bottles, recipes, and other oily goodies)
  • Private access to my team’s Facebook group (a wealth of oil knowledge)
  • Free Wellness Consultation (a chance to really dive deep into your health goals)
  • Continued Support (to answer your questions in real time from a real person— ME!)

Simply go to and click “Join & Save” to get started.

Which one of these promos are you taking advantage of this month? Share below in the comments!

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It’s WINSday!

Let’s be honest. The more structure in my life, the better. I need structure in my life, and I thrive off of structure. So, one of my sisters gave me the idea of having the weekly giveaway on the same day every week and then giving my readers a week to participate. I thought it sounded good, and it had structure, yay! I know, I’m a bit nerdy, but how do you think I got through grad school with two toddlers and one more baby on the way? Structure, people… and schedules… and Jesus. A whole lot of Jesus.

So, today I am going to give away a roller blend that I make and use on my family when those Texas sized seasonal threats begin. It’s also great to have on hand to help soothe skin irritation (like mosquito bites. Can I get an “amen!” from my fellow Texans?!?). This roller bottle is a blend of lemon, lavender, and peppermint. Lemon essential oil helps support a healthy respiratory system and helps to open the airways as well as acts as a natural detox for your body. Lavender essential oil is a natural soothing oil and helps soothes skin irritations. Peppermint supports healthy respiratory system and promotes clear breathing.

This blend has helped my family tremendously. A couple of years ago before I started using the oils, I had taken Noah and Timmy to the doctor for what I thought was a terrible cold. Turns out it they were just having a flare up to seasonal threats around them. This is a reoccuring theme for them: weather change? Flare up. Spring time blossoms? Flare up. Tons of rain? Flare up.

We had mixed luck with other methods to try and find relief . So, I went out and bought some roller bottles and mixed up equal parts of lavender, lemon, and peppermint oil and then diluted it with coconut oil so I could even use it on my baby. I like to roll it on the bottom of their feet and the back of their neck. It provided so much relief, and as long as I am consistent with putting the oils on them (sometimes I forget!) it helps so much at supporting their bodies when those seasonal threats are in the air.

So, how can you get your hands on this blend? Leave a comment below and let me hear why you want to give this a try or let me know about something you learned on this post. For an additional entry in the drawing, follow me on Facebook (there’s a link on the sidebar). You have until Tuesday, June 23, 2015. The winner will be announced next Wednesday. Have a lovely day!

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This giveaway is now CLOSED.  Congratulations to our winner Amanda!