Friday Fun Facts #3

1. My sister, Sarah, had her baby yesterday and I got to hold her! You really forget how small babies are when they’re first born. I’m hoping that I’ll get to hold her baby enough to take care of this “newborn baby fever” I’m having lately.

2. I love the way my boys’ think. Nathan was having a conversation with Noah the other day and he said, “Noah, you’re one smart cookie!” Noah thought about it for a minute, furrowed his brows and said, “Daaaaaadddd, I’m not a cookie, I’m a boy!”

3. Isaac has become quite mobile. I’m having to keep my eye on him constantly or he’ll end up under the table trying to find a leftover puff from two days ago to eat.

4. I’m pretty sure I have every episode of Octonauts on NetFlix memorized. Don’t judge me; a girl’s gotta cook and it keeps them occupied.

5. It never fails if the boys are playing with Legos, and there’s 90 Legos (minus a few under the couch) they will fight over the same Lego. Somebody please explain that phenomena to me!

Friday Fun Facts #2

1. I’ve come to the conclusion that cutting your hair is a lot like piercing and tattoos. You know, you get one tattoo and you want another one and another one… You cut your hair short and then you want to go shorter and shorter. I love it!

2. So, Timothy, our 2 year pooped in the potty! And all around it… I’m not potty training yet and didn’t actually think anything would happen so I was on my phone when I had set him down and when I came back two minutes later there was poop in the potty, on the potty and all down his leg.  What a mess!

3. While I was on the phone with my sister for an entire minute, Timothy had managed to get my mom’s lipgloss all over his face.

4. I think I need to get off my phone.

5. This morning when I woke up Noah was in Isaac’s crib singing to him. Talk about melting my heart into a massive puddle!

Friday Fun Facts #1

Back by popular demand (okay, back by my sister, Sarah’s, demand) I am bringing back the facts; Friday Fun Facts, that is. “Friday Fun Facts” is just a silly post where I let you know funny or interesting things that happened in the Gerber household that week. Here we go!

1. Isaac, our 10 month old, just learned how to say “bye.” Just now actually when I was saying goodbye to Sarah on the phone. So now he’s crawling around saying “bye, bye, bye.” So. Stinkin’. Cute.

2. Noah is becoming quite the backseat driver. While at a stop sign, I may have just yielded (don’t judge, I know you do too!) and Noah piped up, “Mom, you did NOT stop at the stop sign!” Busted.

3. Timothy is all about his mama right now. He wants me to hold him all the time. It’s pretty cute, except when I need to do the laundry. Or cook dinner. Or clean. My house is in constant chaos, but I am getting in some cuddles!

4. When I ask Noah to do something for me, he now replies, “Ay, ay Captain!” Not exactly a “yes ma’am,” but I’ll take it!