Friday Fun Facts #15

1. Last Friday, Isaac walked for the first time. Of course, he walked to my dad. He also laughed for the first time to my dad too when he was a baby. I guess it’s no secret who his favorite is! (I took this picture right after he walked!)

day isaac walked 9 18

2. My workout routine in August was wishy washy at best. I’m happy to report that I’ve been hitting my goal of working out 4 days a week this month. So much for relaxin’ during naptime! Timmy has naptime routine down. He knows I sing him a song, then he asks, “One minute?” (which means he wants to cuddle for one minute), and then he says, “Mama go exercise?”


3. Noah has been fighting this respiratory yucky stuff all week (thanks, Red Tide). The past 3 nights he has asked, “Mama, can you put the Efuser in my room?” Translation: Diffuser. I love that my boys love essential oils as much as I do! But now I need to get another diffuser!

4. I had a mean craving for some chicken and rice soup the other day, and sadly no chicken to put in the soup. I sent my sister a text telling her about my “crisis” and she sends me this in return, “You have multiple chickens to choose from in your yard!” Not cool, Rachel. Not cool.

5. It’s official. I have unknowingly taught all my boys to do a happy food dance. I caught Isaac doing a happy food dance when he ate a pancake a few weeks ago. I gave him some pineapple the other day and he just about danced outta his high chair! The little dude can do some serious damage to a pineapple.


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