Friday Fun Facts #14

1. Noah informed me he wants a sister. I tried to tell him we don’t have the best track record at producing girls. LoL

2. The boys favorite activity right now is jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on top, pouring down. Who needs a water park?


3. Target has obnoxiously large shopping carts for crazy parents with multiple toddlers like us. Thank you, Target.

(Every store should have these!)

4. You probably don’t want to know this, but I’m having a proud parent moment so I’m sharing. Timothy pooped in the potty. That, dear readers, is a huge win in this house.

5. While we’re on the topic, it’s gotten to the point in potty training where when I step in a random puddle in the house (with 3 boys, this is an everyday occurrence) it can be any 1 of these 3 options: Isaac’s drool, water that spilt from the sippy cups that are labeled “spill proof” (so not true, people), or it could mean Timmy had an accident. I stepped in a puddle the other which was sadly, too big to be a drool puddle, and a sippy cup was nowhere in sight. Fun times.


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