Friday Fun Facts #13

1. It has been a not so fun week in the Gerber household, filled with stomach bugs, fevers, and endless sippy cup refills of (ice, please mommy!) water. So bear with me as I try REALLY hard to come up with something slightly humorous.

2. Isaac, our 1 year old, is the only child not battling this bug. This is a good thing, but he only sees it as his mama holding his other brothers more than him right now. I never thought I would see him throw a fit, but oh did he ever. Y’all, I thought something was wrong with him. Literally screaming and flailing his arms and legs around on the floor. I picked him up, he smiled (it was then I realized what had just happened), and then we had a little talk.

3. This has really been my week, so I’m finding it really hard to come up with something witty and funny. Oh here’s one:

4. Kids should not be allowed to have fake bugs. My boys have one that clips on to a shirt that my parents got them from a state park. They love it, and it’s a cute shirt, but then they leave that bug laying (Laying? Lying? Someone please help me out here!) around. So I’m just minding my own business, picking up cars and putting them in their coordinating baskets, when I see that bug and flip out and try to kill it. The bug won because it keeps coming back and taunting me.

5. So, Noah who hasn’t really eaten much all day, planned out his entire cake for his next birthday. In March, y’all. For those interested, he wants a green cake with his name on it. “Mom, that’s N-o-a-h.” Thanks sweetie. He also wants cupcakes too, with sprinkles.


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