San Diego Shenanigans

Hey y’all! I’m back! After a week of traveling and getting some precious time with family, we are back home and getting settled in to our normal routines. Now, if only I could get the suitcases unpacked… So much has happened over the past couple of weeks, I don’t even know where to begin, but I think what I really want to write about is my time with my sister and her son in San Diego. **Note: the majority of pictures are still on my phone which is currently lost in Neverland right now. I will update some pictures as soon as I find my phone.**

It was just Isaac and I who went on this trip while the rest of the boys stayed with my in laws in Dallas. (By the way, I wasn’t even missed, Noah informed me that he was having too much fun to miss me! Grandma and Grandpa did a great job keeping them entertained). So, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite things we did while we were there.

There were so many great things within walking distance: parks, restaurants, shops, ect. The weather was so wonderful we walked to so many places, so I only felt slightly guilty for not working out while I was there. Isaac was on this napping strike while in California, but he would fall asleep if we walked around in the stroller, so it worked out. Of course, my favorite part was just hanging out with my sister and her adorable son, so here’s some cute pictures of us doing life together.

One of the first places we went to Seaport Village before church on Sunday in hopes of a Farmer’s Market, but they had stopped for the summer. It was still fun to go and look at the shops and historic monuments. The park was gorgeous with huge trees, a running trail, and the beach in the background. Ah, it made me want to move there!

A really yummy place where we got fish tacos for a ridiculous price of $1.50 was at this little food truck in the parking lot of Miller’s Market (nice little neighborhood market, with friendly customer service). Oh, and they give you this delicious free soup while you’re waiting on your tacos. Isaac loved the soup and the fish from the taco. He didn’t really care for the cabbage, so I gladly ate his portion.

One morning we went to Captain Kirk’s Coffee and got a couple of amazing acai bowls. I chose the Hula bowl which was loaded with strawberries, blueberries, mangos, pineapples, and of course acai. I could eat this for breakfast every day. The fruit was fresh, the flavors were so bright and you felt amazing knowing something so healthy could taste so good.


Last food place: this cute chocolate shop called Eclipse Chocolate. You walk in and you can watch the employees make their homemade chocolates. The menu was so ridiculous it literally took me ten minutes to decide what one thing I wanted… because I wanted to eat it all. If Rachel hadn’t let me try her killer coconut lime truffle or to die for sea salt dark chocolate bar, I would have spent way too much money in that store. I wanted to try everything. I decided on a bourbon pecan cupcake, and my exact words when I ate it were, “This is everything a cupcake should be.” It was that good. The dark chocolate ganache was heavenly, the cake was moist, and the bourbon added excellent flavor. But y’all, they also serve dinner and were featuring an heirloom vegetable special that looked good too! If you are ever in San Diego, this is a MUST. (I do have some cool pictures of the store, stay tuned!).

There was a parking lot about a block down the road with a few trucks we thought we would try out. The food was okay, but my favorite part was visiting friends from college and her precious baby. Rachel got some BBQ from the Super Q food truck because it advertised Texas BBQ, and she said it hit the spot! I liked my idea better of her coming back to Texas for some Texas BBQ.


Of course, we checked out the beaches and Rachel showed me all her favorite surf spots, and where her hubby likes to go spear fishing. Y’all, it’s just beautiful. God’s creation at His finest.

Old Town was a must on my list, as I love things like homemade soaps and candles. There was also a fun coffee and tea shop that I could have spent an hour in, but my baby boy was getting cranky by then (no nap, remember?). It’s a fun, touristy place to walk around and shop.

My favorite activity was Balboa Park. I wish I had more time, because you could literally spend a whole day there. There’s a beautiful rose garden, art museums, artist exhibits, a coy fish pond, playground for kids, carousel, a little train for littles to ride… do I need to go on? We just walked around staring at everything, and then let our boys go nuts on the grass.

Sadly, I had to make my way back to Texas, although I was missing my family terribly by then so I had many mixed emotions. We took a quick “sister picture” and I left quickly so we wouldn’t start crying. After a long day of delayed flights and traveling, we finally made it home to good ol’ Texas.

P.S. We also fed watermelon to camels, but that trip was kind of a bust. It was overpriced and not very catered to children as it was advertised. We laugh about it now. This would be better with older kids that could actually ride the camels. Like I said, we can laugh about it now.



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