Friday Fun Facts #10

1. I went to Sprouts on Monday to gather ingredients to make granola (recipe soon!). As I was attempting to unlock my car I spend a good 3 minutes trying to open the door with my key until I realized… This car actually had its hubcaps, unlike my car. #notmycar

2. Noah and I were waiting in the doctor’s office for his yearly appointment (only 4 months late) and playing I Spy. He guessed my object on the first guess (legitimately, okay. I did not just give it to him). Then he says, “Moooomm, that was not hard at all!” I guess I need to step up my game.

3. This probably isn’t the greatest idea, but actually paying someone for a massage is not in the budget right now. So, what did I do as a free alternative? I got my boys to alternate walking on my back. Like I said, not the greatest idea, but not the worst!

4. I sleep much better when my husband is home. When he was gone last week it took me FOREVER to fall asleep, one night I was awake until 3:00AM. I am so glad he back! #youthpastorlife #youthpastorswife

5. This week, Isaac learned to say “ball” and “banana.” He is growing up so fast. 🙂


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