Friday Fun Facts #2

1. I’ve come to the conclusion that cutting your hair is a lot like piercing and tattoos. You know, you get one tattoo and you want another one and another one… You cut your hair short and then you want to go shorter and shorter. I love it!

2. So, Timothy, our 2 year pooped in the potty! And all around it… I’m not potty training yet and didn’t actually think anything would happen so I was on my phone when I had set him down and when I came back two minutes later there was poop in the potty, on the potty and all down his leg.  What a mess!

3. While I was on the phone with my sister for an entire minute, Timothy had managed to get my mom’s lipgloss all over his face.

4. I think I need to get off my phone.

5. This morning when I woke up Noah was in Isaac’s crib singing to him. Talk about melting my heart into a massive puddle!


2 thoughts on “Friday Fun Facts #2

  1. Don & Sandy says:

    Hmm maybe Tim is ready for potty training. It seems pooping is the last thing they want to do, not the first!? Love this post. Noah couldn’t get him out so he join him. So sweet. Good big brother. Thanks for posting. Sandy Sent from my mobile device



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