Friday Fun Facts #1

Back by popular demand (okay, back by my sister, Sarah’s, demand) I am bringing back the facts; Friday Fun Facts, that is. “Friday Fun Facts” is just a silly post where I let you know funny or interesting things that happened in the Gerber household that week. Here we go!

1. Isaac, our 10 month old, just learned how to say “bye.” Just now actually when I was saying goodbye to Sarah on the phone. So now he’s crawling around saying “bye, bye, bye.” So. Stinkin’. Cute.

2. Noah is becoming quite the backseat driver. While at a stop sign, I may have just yielded (don’t judge, I know you do too!) and Noah piped up, “Mom, you did NOT stop at the stop sign!” Busted.

3. Timothy is all about his mama right now. He wants me to hold him all the time. It’s pretty cute, except when I need to do the laundry. Or cook dinner. Or clean. My house is in constant chaos, but I am getting in some cuddles!

4. When I ask Noah to do something for me, he now replies, “Ay, ay Captain!” Not exactly a “yes ma’am,” but I’ll take it!


One thought on “Friday Fun Facts #1

  1. Sandy says:

    Thanks Sarah for insisting!!!
    Love these facts! I miss so much living so far away.
    Amanda, you don’t have to do it them just on Friday. Just giving you freedom. Ha


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