Gerber’s Go-To Green Juice

This past Christmas my husband and I received a juicer that we absolutely love. We probably juice at least 4 days a week in our house, and I wanted to share our “go-to” juice recipe. It’s delicious!

1 apple
5 kale leaves (not the baby kale, I’m talking the big sturdy kale)
1 cucumber
1-2 stalks celery (I had to start with one stalk, now I can handle two)
1 lime
About ½ an inch of ginger
1/3 of a pineapple

This is the order I put it all in the juicer, but I don’t know if that makes a big difference because when it’s all done I like to mix it with a spoon. It makes a beautiful green color. This makes about 32 ounces, which we split between my hubby and I and Timothy. Noah is not a big juice fan, but he’s never liked any sort of juice, but he DOES drink smoothies!

We kind of use this as our “base” recipe and add or replace things here and there. When I can get to the farmer’s market early enough I’ll snag some beets to add to our juice, which turns it a gorgeous deep purple color. Sometimes we replace celery with carrots, or add broccoli to the party. A friend from church gave us some oranges from her tree and the juice was so refreshing with an orange in the mix! You can play around with it and find out what your taste buds enjoy. Happy juicing!

Post below with your favorite juice recipes and I’ll give them a try!


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