Jesus is Waiting for Us

This past Sunday, as you know, was Easter Sunday. I know, I didn’t post anything profound on my blog on Sunday nor did I post a cute family photo of my entire family all dressed up on Facebook. I’m terrible about stuff like that. If I even feel like there’s pressure to do something I tend to run away from it… which is probably why I’ve never sent out Christmas cards and missed about a third of Thank You cards from our wedding (I know, like I said, it’s terrible, and I’m sorry to everyone who did not receive a card! I actually did write them all, but found a huge pile of unmailed cards about 4 years ago.). ANYWAY, back to Sunday…

As we are nearing church, I asked was talking to the boys about the meaning of Easter and how Jesus is alive.

Noah: “Mom, is Jesus at church?”
Me: “Yes, He is.”
Noah (voice getting excited): “Is He waiting for us?!?”
Me: “Oh honey, He’s always waiting for us.”
Noah: “Come on, Tim! Come on, Dad! Jesus is waiting for us!”

After dropping the boys off at childcare I headed to our Prayer Group with this conversation on my heart. My main focus during prayer was that I would be able to have my son’s enthusiasm when I enter in God’s presence. I prayed that prayer not just for myself, but for all believers. I think that sometimes, as adults, we can get desensitized to the miracle of the resurrection. We forget that when we are coming to church, we are not just checking off a box on our to-do list. We are coming before our Maker. We are coming before our Creator. We are coming before our Savior. That is something to be excited about!


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